first things first

Many law students have already written numerous blogs that feature humorous law school stories, tips on what to wear to an interview, how to study more effectively, advice for stress management, guidance on finding your balance… This is none of that, really. I’m not terribly funny. Nor do I hold any secrets to law school success. The job market scares me (I have an interview next week with attorneys I already know and I am nervous!), I don’t deal with stress any better than the next 1L, and if ‘balance’ were graded on the curve I’d probably earn a C+/B-. If something funny happens, I’ll try to retell the story. If I find the elusive key to success, I promise I’ll share. Why have I decided add to the noise? I’ve been reading a lot of blawgs since I began my own legal journey a few short months ago. I guess I feel qualified to write something now that I’ve survived (barely) my first round of exams.

more to come…



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